Project of National Interest

On December 21 2015 the Government of the Leningrad Region designated Gatchina Gardens a “Strategically Important Project”. This status is awarded to companies or projects that has been identified as important for development and growth in Russian society and signifies that the project has solid support from the authorities. The Government of the Leningrad Region is the highest level of government in the Leningrad/Saint Petersburg region.
Political support is of utmost importance in Russia, and the designation entails some specific support:

  • Special attention with all authorities
  • Decrease in bureaucratic procedures and approvals
  • Opportunity of tax benefits for touristic objects in the territory

The opportunity of tax benefits for the establishment of tourist destinations is particularly important for the operators of the SPA Hotel (see the “Added business opportunities” section), the construction of which is planned as a part of Phase I.

The combination of the standard of the housing and the external environment of the project area makes Gatchina Gardens stand out significantly in the Saint Petersburg housing market where it offers something completely new.

Building a small City

The size of the project area is unique in itself, as Gatchina Gardens will be an urban development housing approximately 50,000 people when finished.

The construction of Stage 1, which is scheduled for 2019-2022, contains buildings with a total of 234 apartments and 18 villas. Construction of the project as a whole is scheduled to continue until 2032 and in total the development will comprise approximately 1,300,000 sqm of residential space and 11,200 sqm of commercial space.

Gatchina Gardens is not merely a property development project – it is a development of a small city. The concept of Gatchina Gardens is aimed at a modern family with a good standard of life. The typical Gatchina Gardens resident is thought of as a family of one or two well-educated adults with children, and with limited spare time they will be struggling to juggle the demands of life. The plan is that Gatchina Gardens will incorporate all the facilities needed to help simplify life for this target segment. The master plan for Gatchina Gardens includes at least 2 schools, kindergartens and facilities for sporting and recreational activities.

Transportation is also very important and Gatchina Gardens is connected by both motorway and commuter train to Saint Petersburg. Other relevant features are the smart city concept and the option to connect villas/apartments to the Gatchina Gardens security and surveillance system.
Gatchina Gardens aims, in every way, to improve the quality of life of the target segment, which is a fast growing segment of society in Saint Petersburg.