Our vast services in Gatchina Gardens regional resort project

  • Technical Customer
  • Project Management
  • Construction supervision
  • Health, Safety, Environment HSE


  • Preparation and coordination of tenders
  • Management of Contractor Agreements of the Customer
  • Technical support and control over preparation of the project documentation
  • Analysis of the project, feasibility study, expert assessment
  • Coordination and approval of design and estimate documentation
  • Analysis of documentation on the project
  • Drawing up and maintaining construction and financing schedules, follow-up
  • Preparing, checking, completing packages of project and permit documentation by the beginning of construction
  • Management of processes and approvals
  • Financial monitoring and control üAnalysis of executive documentation
  • Arrangement, supervision of performance of works by the Contractor for preparation of construction sites and for the beginning of construction
  • Quality control of works by the Contractor at all stages of construction
  • Quality assessment of construction materials and structures
  • Technical control of design solutions and technologies
  • Consulting on engineering systems
  • Control of construction in terms of compliance of volume, cost and quality of works to the project, estimates and to contract prices, construction standards and regulations for performance and acceptance of such works
  • Preparation and commissioning of completed facilities with subsequent delivery of the facility to the Customer